The Eclectic Martial Arts program operates on the Alfred State campus, with emphasis on mind and body conditioning, self-defense, and sport karate. We offer an the open approach and a community atmosphere for all levels of experience and martial arts background.

Instruction is provided in a safe and healthy environment, where a student will learn karate techniques that are first simple and easy to learn and then gradually becoming more advanced as the student's abilities are developed. Achievement in karate belt color is determined at a rate selected by the student.

Instruction will focus on the physical principles of karate movement, blocking, striking and kicking. The application of these basic karate movements will be learned in self-defense, sparring, and kata situations.

An introduction to karate history, tradition and etiquette will provide the background from which all techniques are introduced and practiced. Students will also have the opportunity to study other martial arts approach to training in many of the program sponsored karate clinics, self-defense workshops, weapon seminars and tournament tours.

The Program also trains in the art of Modern Arnis and follows the curriculum of The World Modern Arnis Alliance.